Alexandra Burke - Getting her weave on!

Okay this video is HYSTERICAL!!! Here's the young lady Alexandra Burke who won X Factor the Brits equivalent of American Idol as she's being interviewed for Grazia. What I found interesting is that here's a girl who's obviously on her way to super stardom and she's being interviewed while the hair stylists are busting out the bags of weave! Okay I know it's no secret that a lot of stars wear hair extensions and weaves but could you imagine a single one of them being interviewed while they're weave is being done?! HILARIOUS!!! I wonder if she's going to look back on this in a few years and be like WTH?!

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First Lady Locks - The Race Is On

A slew of D.C. area stylist are tossing their name into the hat to become Michelle Obama's preferred stylist in the White House. Though rumor has it that Mr. Prez is taking his barber Zariff of 14 years to the White House with him, little has been said about who will be responsible for coiffing the First Lady's do. Will Michael Flowers tag along with the Obamas to Washington as well? (It is said that he's been styling her hair since she was 18.) Or, will she opt for one of the D.C. stylist jockeying for that position? Including one who even sent in a 17 minute DVD of himself.

This ought to be interesting, can't wait to see who she chooses. Are there makeup artists and manicurists in the running as well?

What do you think? Would you like the position as First Lady Coiffure-in-Chief? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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Beyonce Inspired Updo

I love watching Johnny Lavoy's videos for Ford Model TV, and this one is no exception, I died every single time he called that pony tail filler a rat! Have you ever tried one of his looks? Drop me a comment or send me a picture I would love to post it!

Ciao for now!

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Fashion Week Hair Trends

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The Vivienne Mackinder Interview

I just finished listening to this "Master's Interview" with Vivienne Mackinder, okay I admit I listened to it three times already and I'm still going to order the CD so that I can listen to it a thousand more times. The information and insight that she provides here is invaluable, whether you're a veteran hairstylist or a hair neophyte working in or aspiring to do runway or editorial work.

Also be certain to visit Hair Designer TV to check out her amazing films and learning tools and be sure to purchase I'm Not Just a I'm a Hairdresser DVD film series. Check my previous posts to view the trailers.

I'll post later on how her interview has inspired me and given me greater focus through her idea of "career mapping".

Also be certain to sign-up for the Paul Mitchell The School Newsletter, (future)Future Professionals, Future Professionals, or seasoned beauty professional or a perspiring professional in ANY industry you're bound to learn something from them.

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Why It's Cool To Be A Hair Dresser

Why It's Cool To Be a Hairdresser

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Orlando Pita - Snob Interview

I guess it's Orlando Pita day, enjoy!

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T3 Demystified

Ever wondered about the brains behind the T3 phenomenon? Check out this video interview with T3 creator Kent Yu.

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Orlando Pita - T3

Check out this video with hair maestro Orlando Pita, though he mentions these are great styles for spring and summer the fabulous ponytail and half-up half down do are perfect for holiday soirees (hopefully all of them haven't been nixed).

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