Custom Lace Front Wigs

Here's a cool video on making custom lace front wigs, enjoy!

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Culture Magazine - Session Secrets

I'm a HUGE fan of Culture Magazine and Culture TV. Great interviews, trend features, and award show footage, but my favorite hands down are the Session Secret videos. If you like I have ever wondered "How did they do that?" or are looking for some cool tips for creating styles for your NAHA submission (anyone here entering or thinking about entering? I would love to hear from you!) Hopefully you'll find the artistic creativity of these stylists as inspiring as I do.

Unfortunately there is no option for me to embed the videos here so you'll have to mosey on over to CultureTV to check out the videos.

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How Wigs Are Made...

I ran across this really cool video on how hand-tied wigs are made. Very cool and VERY interesting. Though the work seems tedious I'm not deterred I would LOVE to learn how to make wigs.

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