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I didn't get a chance to watch the Soul Train Music Awards but I did see the Twitter chatter about Fantasia's fashion especially her glove. You've gotten to know Toye Adedipe once on BeautySchooled! as the Image Maker of the week, now get to know him as the accessory designer and founder of I'm so happy and proud couldn't be happening to a better person! Check the interview for the special discount code for all BeautySchooled! readers at the Circa Shop.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Why'd you decide to open an online store?

Toye Adedipe: As a Fashion stylist, I've learned that one of the biggest punctuations to any outfit are accessories! They can tell a story, set a mode, or simply recreate a whole look. I wanted to create a store for people like myself that wanted to pump up the daily wardrobe with amazing pieces that have a high-fashion edge. So Far, all the pieces are handmade and totally ready-to-wear, So it makes it easy for people to relate to the products they may have seen in high-end stores but not want to pay the high-end price-tag. Sticker shock sucks when you see a product you really like so CircaShop makes it easy on your wallet.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! How did you come up with the name?

Toye Adedipe: Good Question! Well the word "circa" to me means "by way of", "around the time of", or approximate... so when you go to "The Circa Shop", you're getting the accessories and trends as it relates to the "now". It’s never dated or incorrect, it's always current and definitely fashionable! It's "Circa". So at the end of the day-you win!

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Was your mission to fill a void that was left by what's already out there?

Toye Adedipe: For Sure! I think everyone is a little more careful about how they spend their doe now-a-days, so I wanted to create a shop that you could be happy with the purchases you've made and not break the bank. Plus as a consumer, I've always been more drawn into "Style" as opposed to Fashion"... So when I set out to open up shop, I had to really raise the bar as high as possible when it came to the integrity of the accessories and how they where marketed. That means choosing high quality product with superior details and essentially... happy, returning customers.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Why gloves and earrings?

Toye Adedipe: Well, gloves and earrings are just the start and this might have been a little selfish on my end, but... I'm a big leather accessory fan and earrings always seem to make a finishing statement with me! Whenever I style women/celebrities or models, I always have it planned out in my head that I'm going to make it a “POW” statement with a dope leather glove or some type of "talk-about-it" earring or shoe. So when I saw a chance to sell the things that I loved it just made me "go for it"! (it may sound a little funny but in doing this venture I feel like I've become more empowered too) & not because of the "material" but because of the action I was able to take in order to sell the things that spoke to me-to the masses.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Did you design them yourself?

Toye Adedipe: The Majority of it. Yup!

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! If so, what inspired your designs?

Toye Adedipe: I L-O-V-E strong women! I can't get enough of them! I surround myself with them and have become an incredible young man because of them! Women that motivate, stimulate and drive you to do better in your life have always inspired me to do MORE! and I wanted to pay tribute so I named a lot (well, all) of the first group of products after some of the most influential women in my life now. Hi MOM!!! *(waves)*

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Will you expand to other items and/or accessories?

Toye Adedipe: Definitely! Men's products are on the way! MAJOR!

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! You can also add any additional information that you think the readers will want to know...

Toye Adedipe: In celebration to the New Shop, The Circa shop! All Beauty Schooled readers get an additional 15% off all purchases with this discount code: Beauty, Enjoy you guys!!! Toye*

Thanks Toye for the scoop and the reader's discount. Be sure to visit and follow Toye's Twitter and Blog!

Ciao for now!

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