Is this year THE year for you?

Happy New Year! I'd like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you who've followed this blog and recommended it to your friends.

The new year generally kicks off with most people setting goals and making resolutions. There's something about a new year that screams new beginnings. A lot of us probably wanted to start over back in October or even as early as May last year. Maybe you didn't know where or how to start or begin again...

Each year I pull out my favorite excerpts and inspirational quotes... and thumb through them but I have two that I visit more frequently than all the rest in fact they're both on my board where I can see them... one I've posted before {Right Livelihood}

This one I've never posted before but reading it today I wanted to share it with you... I have a feeling someone needs to read this today...

Thanks again for reading and lets make 2010 THE year! xoxo

Rashida B.

"So often we let life bump us off course. We set out on a path, and almost instantly our emotions distract us, or something happens and we drift off course. If you want things out of life, you will have to go for what you want regardless of your current situation. If you concentrate on your goal and do not get distracted, you place an additional force at your disposal. For the power of will allows you to be moved into the right place at the right time. If you do not know what you want in life, you express that uncertainty into the universal law. And it --- being impartial --- expresses back to you the same feeling. The result is that nothing flows, and all your attempts to materialize your dreams fade or break up.

If you do not know what you truly want then the best move is to begin to clear out all those things that you defintiely no longer want --- debilitating relationships, unhelpful habits, lack of action, and become clear, and then you can head toward it. The path of power calls for certain aggression, as does nature. The animal in the forest goes for what it wants and in doing so it expends energy in getting its needs met. You should adopt the same style. Lock on to what you want, go for it no matter how long it takes, and you will have added concentration to your battery of techniques for self-improvement."

Stuart Wilde

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