The Brazilian Peel

Thanks to --- Television Beauty Expert Jennifer Walsh, I’ve been using the Brazilian Peel for about a month now and I absolutely LOVE it! My skin tends to be oilier in the summer yet at the same time it can be dehydrated -- not a good combination. The Brazilian Peel took care of the congestion in my skin (the little milia) as well as the flakiness and dryness. My skin feels firmer and tighter, it’s also more radiant and vibrant looking. I could feel the difference after the first treatment!

So what’s my point and why am I writing about this product on this blog? Well as a Bridal Makeup artist I cannot count the number of times that a bride has shown up for her trial and her skin was an absolute disaster. With less than one month before the wedding there is rarely enough time to get the bride on a skincare regimen that would have any significant results in that short window of time. Enter the Brazilian Peel! If you’re a makeup artist that retails this would be an ideal product to use to up-sell your client. Or, if you’re a makeup artist, who like me happens to be an aesthetician you can even give your client the Brazilian Peel in salon and sell the take home products.

For more information on the Brazilian Peel visit their website.

Ciao for now… Class is dismissed!

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