Taper That! - Interview with Master Barber Craig Logan

I came across Barbers Only Magazine after doing a search for “Master Barber”, I’d been doing some research on barber’s education and licensure requirements for myself and frequently I’d see the term “Master Barber” instinctively I thought a barber at the top of his game… sounded logical, my next thought was I need to find one and interview him (or her) for this blog. Not only did I find one that’s at the top of his game, but one that wants to help you be at the top of yours as well. Craig Logan aka “Mr. Taper” is THAT barber and founder of Barbers Only Magazine. Check the interview to find out what it takes to become a Master Barber and how you can command a hundred dollar haircut!

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! According to your website Barber’s Only Magazine has been around since 2002 what lead to its creation?

Craig “Mr. Taper”: After many years in the business, I felt there was need for a publication which targeted the barbering community.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What is the magazine’s mission?

Craig “Mr. Taper”: Our main mission is to be a source of pertinent information for hair professionals and future hair professionals.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! How long have you been a barber?

Craig “Mr. Taper”: I have been a professional barber for 20 years.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! I know you’re a Master Barber so please explain to our readers what the “Master Barber” designation means.

Craig “Mr. Taper”: A master barber; unlike a regular barber, is someone who has achieved the necessary training, certification and/or licensing which categorizes them at the highest level of the barbering profession.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What is your view on learning Barbering through apprenticeship versus formal education?

Craig “Mr. Taper”: A barber who receives training as an apprentice or formal training should receive equal tonsorial education. However, in my experience, most barbers who learn through apprentice training seem to acquire more knowledge in a shorter period of time.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! Not all states have an official “barber’s education” therefore to become a barber in some states one must complete the entire cosmetology program, what are your feelings or views on that?

Craig “Mr. Taper”: I feel that barbers who learn through their state’s cosmetology program are faced with a definite disadvantage as a future barber but are blessed with an advantage in becoming future cosmetologists. Unfortunately, most barbers I have met who have trained under cosmetology programs have had to receive additional training from barbers; either directly through school or indirectly while working in a shop.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! Would you like to see the industry standardized?

Craig “Mr. Taper”: I feel that all the states should practice the same hourly requirements. I would definitely support standardizing the curriculum in the U.S. This would probably never happen due to the financial support various states receive from the cosmetology and barbering programs in their respective states.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! So I’ve seen your show schedule, you’re busy and on the move throughout the year doing trade shows, why is the trade show circuit so important to you?

Craig “Mr. Taper”: Trade shows are important to B.O.M. because it allows us to meet our readers and connect with the industry on a personal level. It also helps us as master barbers further our education level.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! You teach a workshop called the “$100.00 Haircut”. When most people think of a barber we don’t think $100.00 haircut. Tell us about that workshop and what lead to its development.

Craig “Mr. Taper”: The $100 haircut is a class designed to show barbers how to increase their ticket sales by offering additional services to their clients. I formed the class after meeting barbers throughout the country who were consistently making more cash than their counterparts. After talking to different barbers, in different regions, I realized they all practiced certain techniques which allowed them to charge their clients VIP prices. I knew this info would be interesting to barbers.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! You have a weekly radio show where you give some important information on barbering, education and “shop success” tell our readers a little bit about your weekly radio show and when and where to tune in.

Craig “Mr. Taper”: Our radio show "Barbers Only Magazine" is a show that features live interviews and/or relevant info about the barbering world and its community. You can check us out Tuesdays at 2pm (eastern time) or 10pm (eastern time); the times fluctuate.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! One last question before I go the readers would have my head if I didn’t ask, how did you get the name “Mr. Taper”?

Craig “Mr. Taper”: When I was in college, I was asked to cut a guy's hair from Philly. The guy was real popular and he heard I was good. In Philly, a "taper" is another word for "fade". I had never heard that terminology before. Anyway, the Philly guy says, "Can you cut a taper?" I looked at him crazy; trying to figure out what the hell was a taper. He looks at my puzzled face and says, "Hell no, you ain’t cutting my head if you can't do a taper!" Everyone in the dorm is laughing so I say, "Are you crazy, I'm *Mr. Taper!*" The rest is history...

For more information on Mr. Logan and Barbers Only Magazine visit the website and be sure to follow his twitter and listen to the show!

Ciao for now...Class is dismissed!

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