The Fresh Cut Prince - Celebrity Barber Mar aka MarDaBarber

I was intrigued when I heard there was a barber out there… dubbed the “youngest celebrity barber”, and that at only twenty-two he was already cutting some big names in both the sports and rap game. So, of course the beauty sleuth (that's me) had to get the scoop for you guys.

This interview was a long time coming I think I started the process at least three months ago, there were schedule conflicts and communication break downs so much so at one point I thought it just wasn’t going to happen. I’ll be honest, I immediately pegged him as young and unfocused… However, my snap judgment couldn’t have been further from the truth. Mar is the real deal! I caught his tweets last weekend hotel hopping late night in Vegas getting his celeb clients fresh for a night out on the town.

Even this early in his career Mar understands the importance of philanthropy and helping other fellow groomers even as he continues to blaze his trail in the industry… keep reading to find out how Mar intends to BRING the “new school”…

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! I heard that you’re like the youngest Celebrity Barber is that true?

“MarDaBarber”: As far as I know, yes that’s true… I’m 22.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Who was the fist celebrity that you cut?

“MarDaBarber”: Clyde Carson – I know him from the Bay…

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! How long have you been cutting hair?

“MarDaBarber”: Since 6th grade, it was my cousin, who used to let me practice on him, that's how I perfected my cutting style.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! When did you know you wanted to become a barber?

“MarDaBarber”: I grew up in the barber shop, it runs in the family. I liked the energy in the place, a lot goes on in the barber shop besides just cutting hair. I wanted to be a part of that, I just knew that that was what I wanted to do.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Did you get your barber certification through apprenticeship or did you go through a barber program?

“MarDaBarber”: Actually a little bit of both. I still go to school when I’m not traveling, they’re really understanding of my schedule. I think both ways has it's pros and cons each individual just has to weigh what is the best option for them.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Would you say that you have a niche, or is there anything particular that your clients or industry peers would say you're known for?

“MarDaBarber”: I would have to say my fades, I’m known most for my fades.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! I have to agree your fades are "tight" (they still say that right? lol) Mar, what’s a typical working day like for you? Do you even do typical?

“MarDaBarber”: It really depends if I’m on the road or not, but if I’m cutting in the shop I have this method I use that makes the day flow easier, for example maybe I’ll do designs on Tuesdays, and Fades on Wednesdays and Fridays.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! There’s a stigma about barbers and barbershops, what would you say are the biggest misconceptions about the industry and barbers specifically?

“MarDaBarber”: That’s true for some barbers, but they’re short changing themselves. Did you know that a barber on top of his game could make “Doctor” money? It really is possible to make six-figures cutting. I’m serious when I’m working, I’m not on my phone, I’m paying attention to what I’m doing because every cut I send out the door is a walking billboard for Mar Da Barber. I’m thinking beyond just cutting hair. I plan to own a couple of barber shops myself, and when I tour with artists I’m coming with my own tour bus. MardaBarber's tour bus!

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! How do you feel about women barbers, do you feel they are equally embraced in the business?

“MarDaBarber”: It’s difficult to become a woman barber until people get to know your work. There are some girls out there that can cut, I’m actually working with a female barber now, you’ll be hearing about her real soon, she’s good she's going to be big.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! It seems that every up and coming barber wants to work with celebrities. What advice do you have for someone new who is trying to break into the industry and wanting to work with celebrities?

“MarDaBarber”: Money isn’t always going to be abundant so if you’re getting into this for the money then go do something else… It’s important to read up on the industry first find out about the education what the requirements are and determine if this is the life style for you it’s not as easy as it may look. We’re more than just barbers we have to know and be knowledgeable about a lot of things, some days I’m a counselor or a relationship expert, the next day I could be a “stylist” I mean our clients ask us for all sorts of advice when they’re in the chair.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! So you’re Affiliated with Barber’s Only Magazine? I had the pleasure of interviewing Craig, real cool guy. What does it mean to be affiliated with them?

“MarDaBarber”: Yea it’s a big deal you know these are guys that have been in the game for a long time, you know and they’re taking me under their wing and are mentoring me -- so I can grow and learn from them and they can learn a few things from me too.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Really? Like what?

"MarDaBarber": Like this whole social media thing with the internet and MySpace, and Twitter and Facebook you know they didn’t have that type of marketing when they were coming up… I go “hard” on Twitter. I can bring that new age marketing to the fold and I attract and appeal to a different audience, you know the up and coming barbers are styles are different but we can all benefit from one another.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! What else is Mar involved in?

“MarDaBarber”: Well for back to school I’ll be giving away free cuts at the boys and girls club and we’re also going to go into the shelter and do hair cuts there too, all the proceeds from the cuts will go back to the shelter. You know a simple haircut can change someone’s attitude make them feel better about themselves, build confidence to maybe go look for a job or something. I'll also probably be in a few more shows this year.

That’s awesome Mar! I’m glad we did his interview.

I’m expecting really big things from Mar, he's going to keep in touch and let us know what he's doing and you know we'll be the first to get a picture of that tour bus, I have a feeling that Mar is going to make that happen.

For more information or to contact Mar, visit his website.

Ciao for now… Class is dismissed!

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