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I've heard whispers about this week's Image Maker here and there around town, she's uber talented, she's nice, she's got mad skills, her weaving and extension applications are "beweavable"! All the buzz really had me wanting to know who "Ms. Rukey Styles" was, and ta-da just like that she magically appeared on Twitter. (Why of course!)

Not to sound cliche-ish but we've all heard the saying birds of a feather flock together or talent recognizes talent -- so it came as no surprise that Ms. Styles is great friends with our dream girl Tia Dantzler (pictured above with Ms. Styles being prepped for an Uptown Magazine shoot)

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! How long have you been in the industry?

Rukey Styles: Professionally, I have been in the industry for thirteen years.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! When did you know you wanted to be a hair stylist?

Rukey Styles: It was between the ages of fourteen and fifteen. From age seven to my teens, my hairstylist would roller set my hair and brush it up into a pony tail. I was getting older and wanted a change. I began to experiment with my hair and enjoyed it. People noticed and wanted me to do theirs like mine.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Other than cosmetology school have you had any additional training or education that you believe has helped you to stand out amongst the sea of other hair stylist?

Rukey Styles: [Other than my cosmetology education I would say] It is simply my passion for the art of styling.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! When was your first big break and what was it?

Rukey Styles: My first big break was when I was asked to work on a calendar with the rapper Twista. He is a pretty cool guy to work with. It was a great opportunity.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! I had a chance to view your website, you do absolutely amazing work! Would you say that you have a niche, or is there anything particular that your clients or industry peers would say you're known for?

Rukey Styles: I think my clients know that I have the ability to take a project to another level. My work ranges from every day to avant garde. I think that’s what makes it exciting.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! You’re also a salon owner is that correct? What’s a typical working day like for you, if there is such thing as typical?

Rukey Styles: Not exactly. I own a non surgical hair replacement studio. I provide hair replacement services to those experiencing some form of alopecia (balding) due to genetics, hormones or medicinal reasons. I also do what I call “Added Glamour” for people who want to add length or volume to their hair with different forms of custom extensions, hair pieces, or wigs. There is no typical day. My day is usually filled with doing many techniques to customize hair to my clients needs.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Oh wow, that's a fantastic niche you've established! Rukey, what would you say are the biggest misconceptions about the industry and hair stylists specifically?

Rukey Styles: I think that professional hair stylists don’t get the respect that we deserve. People don’t recognize that being a stylist is a career. We are educated. Have you noticed that no matter how well your clothes are put together if your hair doesn’t look good, you don’t look good? We make everything come together. Give us that credit.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Absolutely, I agree! Also, Rukey it seems that every up and coming makeup artist and hairstylist wants to work with celebrities. What advice do you have for someone new who is trying to break into the industry and wanting to work with celebrities?

Rukey Styles: Every hairstylist or makeup artist wants to do celebrities to get the recognition or be responsible for the look that everyone wants to imitate. Treat all of your clients as if they were a celebrity. If you are good at what you do, people will hear about you.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! That's some awesome advice! So what’s next for you? Any projects in the works that you can share with the readers?

Rukey Styles: I have some great projects coming up. Stay tuned to for updates.

For more information on Rukey including assist and training information be certain to visit her website and follow her Twitter.

Ciao for now... Class is dismissed!

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