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I had the pleasure of attending the Advanced Minx Training this past Sunday after going to the 2010 ABS show…

If you’ve followed my Twitter and some of my blog posts you already know that I’m obsessed with Minx… Truth is it was my discovery of Minx that compelled me to return to beauty school to study nail technology. Once there I was a little on the fence about Minx until… I received my training kit in the mail and performed my first Minx application. I was completely hooked! There is NOTHING like Minx anywhere… so yes, go ahead and say it I drank the Minx kool-aid. Lol

I apologize in advance for the lack of photographs, I was busy trying to soak in every piece of information that I could. However you know I didn’t leave without a picture with Minx Master and Celebrity Manicurist Lisa Logan… I’ve been following this lady’s moves for a few years now so I can’t tell you how delighted I was to meet her and find that she’s “GOOD people”, incredibly humble and sweet you’d never know that she was trotting the globe with mega stars like Beyonce, Jay-Z and Mary J Blige.

The training was held at Cuatro restaurant just a quick walk over from the McCormick Place Convention Center where ABS was held, which was nice. The training also got underway almost right on time. Our Minx Masters were Lisa Logan, Crystal Rice and Natasha Ray. LaShaun Brown-Glenn, owner of Nails Naturally located here in Chicago was there also making sure things ran smoothly.

It was a tight fit but the set-up was nice, two techs to a table and lamp with several minx designs and all the tools and supplies need to successfully perform a Minx application.

The training started with the essential 7-Steps required to perform a Minx Service we all took notes in the mini composition books they provided. Other than the fact that the Heat (what Minx calls their lamps) kept blowing a fuse there were very few hiccups. Each table had sufficient one-on-one time with the MinxMasters. They all shared valuable information not just about the Minx service but life as a busy successful nail tech too.

Was the training worth the $175.00 and did I feel like I learned anything… were the questions twittered to me over and over following the training.

Here’s my take. Absolutely! The level one training alone is not enough to turn a Nail Tech into a MinxMaster. However there’s one caveat, it’s essential that the tech does sign-up and do the level one training as well as practice the Minx application prior to attending the training. I personally believe that’s how you’ll get more bang for your buck.

The specialists who had never performed a Minx service seemed a little lost and they couldn’t quite make the connection during the “theory” portion of the training. It really helped that I had a targeted list of complications that I was able to have them addressed by the MinxMasters while I was there. I was able to turn out a nearly flawless set of Min! (Lisa Logan said so herself). The key is to practice, practice, practice, practice before the training and after. Photograph your work so that you can see you progress.

The hands-on was followed by light fare, open bar and shopping. Totally fun times!

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The next big Minx training is at IBSLasVegas visit Minx's website for details and to register.

Ciao for now... Class is dismissed!

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