My IBSNY 2010 Experience...

While planning a recent trip to New York I discovered that IBS (International Beauty Show) would be in town that weekend. Since I’m all about the multitasking I made it my mission to attend.

I mapped out my classes beforehand (this is important) in order to maximize my time. These tradeshows are HUGE so it’s important to go with plan. What’s your objective? What do you hope to gain by attending the show? Are you looking for business education, new techniques, motivation to take your career to the next level or are you simply looking to sample new products? Whatever your agenda proper planning is essential. Personally I’m all about the education, because knowledge is power and I believe you can never know too much. There’s always someone out there that’s smarter than you or that has already done something that you’re trying to do. I’m a huge fan of learning from other people’s mistakes… leaves me more time to do it right!

So, I did just that I spent the entire day hoping from class to class and with the one hour that I had left I hit the showroom floor for a few minutes.

But back to the classes, I started with The Red Carpet Manicure, a hand facial demo and discussion; though I’ve been in the industry since 2002 as an aesthetician and makeup artist I’m new to the world of nails so this session with Jacqui Pierce of Kinara Spa Skincare Clinic in L.A. was awesome! In school we learn the technical stuff required to complete a service but Jacqui demonstrated how to take that service to another level… the 5-Star level to be exact. In addition to that I attended a makeup workshop by Emmy Award winning makeup artist Eve Pearl who actually brought her Emmy for us all to see, The Best Barber Show on Earth by Major League Barbers… was a great demo. In addition to haircutting techniques they discussed service add-ons and increasing your ticket price (I’ve always secretly wanted to be a barber, now more than ever I’m convinced to just do it.) Booked Solid was a high-energy session (yes he had us on our feet clapping and stretching and reaching, it was a hoot) by Salon owner and author Paul DiGrigoli, who went into detail about why some people aren’t booked solid and how if you’re one of them to make that happen.

Personally I think it was worth the $85.00 one day admission price.

Here are some random pictures that I was able to take, the photo of the MoroccanOil doesn't really do it justice, they had these amazing chandeliers it was all glam!

Ciao for now... Class is dismissed!

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Charmaine said...

I enjoy reading your blog! Glad to see you're back posting.

Looks like the show was fun. I just love Morracan Oil I would have enjoyed being there fore that.

Beauty Schooled said...

Thank you! The show was a lot of fun and the classes were very informative. I appreciate you following the blog Charmaine. Be sure to send any questions you may have about the beauty industry to b.beautyschool (at)gmaildotcom.

Ciao for now!