Face and Mane - Uber Talented Hair and Makeup Artist Warren B.

This week’s Image Maker Warren B. is fiercely talented and equally passionate about his work. I’ve been following his Blog for quite some time now so, without a doubt I was absolutely delighted to find him on Twitter. Other than the fact that his work is BEAUTIFUL I love the range of Warren’s work, what can’t he do? Warren's going to tell you why donning head-to-toe black doesn't make you a makeup artist... Get to know Warren B…

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! How long have you been in the industry?

Warren B. I have been training since my cosmetology days back at Jefferson High School back in Tampa FL so that has been 10 plus years ago…

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! When did you know you wanted to become a hairstylist and makeup artist?

Warren B. I have known that I was interested in HAIR since I was a child. My grandmother had super long wavy hair that I was allowed to comb and brush on a regular. I remember a braiding contest I had with my little cousin I had to have to be 8 or 9 at the time. We were trying to see who could braid the smallest braid. Of Yes I WON!

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! LOL! That's a great story! So you're a licensed cosmetologist, other than cosmetology school did you receive any formal education prior to launching your career?

Warren B. I have trained with Vidal Sassoon in Miami Beach. MAC Cosmetics, and several salons which I think is the best training ground.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! What’s your favorite hair or makeup?

Warren B. Hair is less involved with less product and steps. Makeup takes more time and you gotta be detail oriented to really do a good job. HONESTLY I really don’t have a favorite… People ask me that all the time.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Most big jobs unless it’s male grooming you’re usually either hair or makeup. Can you explain to our readers why that and why it's still important to be strong in both?

Warren B. Well on BIG jobs time is of the essence waiting on one person to do both can take more time. It can be cost effective to have someone like me who does both, which is why some clients go that route. Generally it will depend on the project and the people involved. Johnny often does both on set and he is just as good at both. If you are going to do both I would suggest your skill be strong in both departments so that YOU shine!!!

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Great tip Warren! You work with a lot of big names in the industry, including Mr. Billy B. and Johnny LaVoy, when was your first big break?

Warren B. I have not actually worked with Billy B. unless you consider packing his kit working. We are pretty cool friends and I admire him dearly. Johnny and I have done some work together recently. He too is a true friend and mentor. I will say that these guys have reached out to help make my life and career a success and for that I am eternally grateful. ALSO we cant forget AJ Crimson and I have worked together as well and that was a REAL honor.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Do you work in the salon at all or are you strictly freelance?

Warren B. STRICTLY FREELANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank THE LORD!!!

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! What’s a typical working day like for you, if there is such thing as typical for you?

Warren B. No day is “typical” I do shoots with local talent here in DC recently more in NYC. Still getting new hair clients everyday which keeps me busy as well. Weddings from time to time… A show every once in a while. Anything I can do related to my dream is what I do to make a life for myself.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! What would you say are the biggest misconceptions about the industry about hairstylists and makeup artists specifically?

Warren B. Just because you can afford a lovely kit with the most fabulous products does not mean that you are a stylist. Just because you dress in all black don’t mean you are a makeup artist. JUST BECAUSE you worked with 1 or 2 celebrities ONCE don’t make you a celebrity makeup artist. In order to be a success you MUST hone your craft!!!! You must own it and be confident about what it is you’re doing. People/clients since fear so you MUST get the job done with a level of confidence that only comes with knowledge and education!!!

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! It seems that every up and coming makeup and hairstylists wants to work with celebrities. What advice do you have for someone new who is trying to break into the industry and wanting to work with celebrities?

Warren B. Well I am not a “celebrity” stylist yet so to speak. But in my mind every client I do is MY celebrity so I guess I can answer this question. FIRST step back and try not to be so consumed with the word “celebrity”… At the end of the day we are ALL PEOPLE and that’s 1st. If you focus on becoming the BEST that you can be the “celebrity” will come. Just ALWAYS be and do your BEST!!! Surround yourself with like minded people and they will help to guide you. Stay true to yourself people LOVE IT when you KEEP IT REAL!!!!

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Do you hire assistants, do any mentoring for young artists or provide any workshops or training?

Warren B. Yes I do occasionally hire assistants. Yes I AM ALWAYS WILLING TO MENTOR ANYONE I CAN!! That to me is how you make the difference by sharing what has been given to you!

I will also be hosting a makeup gathering in DC in mid October!

Thank you so much for the interview Warren, great information! Can't wait to see what you're up to next please keep in touch... for more information on Warren B., visit his website or follow his twitter.

Ciao for now... Class is dismissed!

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m3nomosyn said...

Love the humility and transparency of this great artist that the blogger calls "uber talented." I know him as cousin and I am proud of his awesome work that has my daughter working in makeup as she attends college. Warren is a huge talent and and an even more awesome person!!

Anonymous said...

Warren B. is truly blessed. He has come from humble beginnings which it shows in the manner he answered the questions. Warren B. didn't boast nor tried to make it seem like he knows it all. Yet, acknowledging where his help comes from and helping himself is a winning combination. This brother is destined to be "successful" becuase of his drive and dedication. His passion shines like the sun and that's being a 'beatified" hair and makeup artist! This interview has inspired me too by him making his dreams a reality. Also, his consciousness of giving back by words of wisdom/action has given me confirmation that your career is what you make it. I LOVE WARREN B. AS A PERSON AND HIS GIFT TO MAKE CELEBRITIES BEAUTIFUL! Just like he said it don't matter who you are, you are still special and it takes a genuine person to know that...