She's Lashtastic! - This Week's Rising Star: LaToya Turner of Lashes by Toya

This week's Rising Star is nothing short of amazing, super hard working, warm and giving spirit... her love for the industry permeates through her tweets. Get to know Toya of Lashes by Toya...

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! How long have you been in the industry?

LaToya Turner: Since I was 14 years old.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! You’re a licensed cosmetologist is that correct?

LaToya Turner: Yes, it’s my first love.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! How long have you been doing lash extensions?

LaToya Turner: Almost 3 years now.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Toya, I’ve read your tweets, you’re very passionate about “lashing”, why did you choose to add this service to your offerings?

LaToya Turner: Lash extensions literally opens the eye and demands attention. It started by applying lashes to myself and people would ask me about my eyes. It was drilled into my head to "add-on" services while behind the chair so this came easy to me. Lashing has become so much more; it’s the reason I started my business.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Do you think you’ll ever move over to just lashing exclusively?

LaToya Turner: Lashing has opened more doors within the beauty industry. I recently obtained a permanent makeup license...I will be volunteering my time to those who suffer from permanent hair loss (eyebrows) and those who have mastectomies due to breast cancer.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! That’s awesome Toya I know the cause is near and dear to your heart as is mine, my Grandmother is a survivor. What inspires your work?

LaToya Turner: Getting better...Since day one I've taken pictures of all of my lash clients-to see where I’ve started, where I am now and what I strive to be, that inspires me. To see other cosmetologists and/or makeup artists at the top inspires me even more.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Who are some of your favorite beauty pros?

LaToya Turner: Hair, makeup and beauty business-Damone Roberts, Danessa Myricks, Tia Dantzler, Kimberly Kimble, Sam Fine, Ann Mincey...just to name a few.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! What celebrity would you most like to work with?

LaToya Turner: Do I really have to name just one? There are so many beautiful women I would LOVE to lash.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! What types of projects are you working on now?

LaToya Turner: Operation BlinkPink-PINK lashes to raise awareness for Breast Cancer during the month of October.

BEAUTYSCHOOLED! Where do you see yourself in this industry in say 3-5 years?

LaToya Turner: Owner of 2 spas, traveling the globe to lash, helping women (and men) feel even more fabulous and constantly learning!

That’s incredible Toya, I’ve no doubt that should we check in with you in a few years that you’ll be right where you want to be you have an amazing heart and an incredible gift, we’re looking to hear some awesome things from you in the very near future. To find out what Toya's up to next be sure to follow her Twitter or visit her website.

Ciao for now... Class is dismissed!

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