From Hair to There - 50 Hairstylists

Are you considering a career as a hairdresser, but are unsure of where to start? Or, do you wish that you could have just a few moments with your favorite hair architect find out what it really takes to become an in-demand hair stylist?

Author Rick Morton created a book with you in mind, 50 Hairstylists features interviews with the top 50 hairstylists from around the world.

Whether you are a student stylist, just starting out in the beauty industry or a veteran looking for a fresh perspective to renew your passion you will find this 188 page book both enlightening and inspiring. 50 trendsetters on all things hair reveal invaluable insider information including how they found their niche within the industry, what they wished they had learned in school and what if given the opportunity they would do over again.

The book includes not only your favorite US based hair rock stars like Nick Arrojo, Orlando Pita and Oribe but their European and Canadian counterparts as well.

I love the fact that all 50 of the stylists are asked the same questions and as you would expect the answers vary greatly in some regards but in others especially on the topic of education they are all on the same accord -- education is HUGELY important.

You know my position so it should be of no surprise that my favorite question was: Is there anything left to learn?

On that note I’ll leave you with the adopted Beauty Schooled! mantra: “You can tell the mark of a true professional by what they are willing to learn after they know it all.”

Ciao for now, class dismissed!

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