Makeup Artistry Education - Interview with Sandy James Part II

Before I spill the details I had two last questions for Sandy regarding the Stilista Artistry Workshop.

Beauty Schooled! The Stilista Artistry Workshop is designed for the experienced makeup artist, what advice can you offer to someone new to the industry seeking to gain experience before attending your workshop?

Sandy James: The easiest way is to start with a job at a retail cosmetics counter. Most cosmetic lines offer free training and workshops for their employees. Not only are you getting free education, most cosmetic lines offer deep discounts to their employees, thus enabling the artist to build his or her kit. Assist established makeup artists. There's nothing like watching a master at work. There is so much more you learn by actually being on set picking up tips from an experienced artist. Assisting an agency artist is also a great way to get your foot in the door with that agency.

Beauty Schooled! What makes the Stilista Artistry Workshop different from all the other workshops out there?

Sandy James: With Stilista, you will:

o Train in a real photography studio
o Hands on training with real models
o Test with a reputable published photographer and agency models
o Consult with a celebrity artist while you are testing
o Review your current portfolio with an industry agent

Stilista's Advanced Makeup Artist Workshop is designed for the experienced makeup artist who is looking to learn advanced techniques for television, HDTV, film, editorial, fashion, beauty, fashion, bridal, and airbrushing makeup application. Learn how to make yourself more marketable by learning the basics of hair styling and fashion styling so you can command higher rates. Learn how to airbrush, and take advantage of discount offers for airbrush machines. These intense, information-filled classes are taught by celebrity makeup artists James Cornwell, Jenn Quin, and Lilly Rivera from New York. Practice all of these techniques on REAL models, not on each other.

Why is this the Stilista Artistry Workshop better?

It allows you more time with the instructor to perfect your craft.
Also, find out what agents are looking in a portfolio and how to build a portfolio that is marketable to agents. Learn how to grow your business and who to contact for work in the industry.

What's the hardest part of building your portfolio?

We believe it is most difficult for artists to find excellent photographers and models to test with. At Stilista, we've done the work for you! Package B allows you to test with photographer Tim Coburn and agency models approved by Stilista Agency and Tim Coburn. Receive two beauty shots for your portfolio, a value worth well over $600.

If you are looking to take your makeup artistry up a notch, this workshop is for you! The next workshop will be held near the end of July in Fairfax, VA. An announcement will be made in the next Stilista Newsletter. To sign up to receive the newsletter, go to www.stilistaagency.com, and enter your email address at the bottom of the page. Details and registration are available at the Stilista Agency website, or contact Sandy James at sandy@stilistaagency.com.

Ciao for now… Class dismissed!

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