Getting Noticed! - Interview with Sandy James of Stilista Agency Part I

How do I get noticed? How do I land a gig with a big cosmetic or fashion house? How do I get signed with an agency? If you have ever asked yourself any or all of these questions, grab a pen because I have some answers for you!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sandy James, founder of Stilista Agency, Baltimore and D.C.'s newest agency representing talented and experienced Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists, and Fashion/Wardrobe Stylists in the Baltimore/D.C. Metropolitan area and in New York. In part one of this interview Sandy dishes on what it would take to make the cut at her agency and in part two she scoops on this incredible portfolio building workshop she created for makeup artists.

Beauty Schooled!
What do you look for in an artist or stylist (hair and fashion) looking to sign with your agency?

Sandy James: As an agency keeping a small roster, I look for versatility, experience, drive, attitude, and a great portfolio. Without a great portfolio, I can't sell the artist/stylist to the clients.

Beauty Schooled! Other than talent what attributes would you say are important for makeup artists and hair and fashion stylists to have in order to obtain longevity in the fashion and entertainment industry?

Sandy James: Attitude, professionalism, and drive are very important to obtain longevity in this industry. Face it, no one wants to hire a diva. I've been in contact with many artists and stylists who were bigger than their britches. We are here to serve our clients, not the other way around. Professionalism is also a must. Celebrities spend enough time dealing with the paparazzi. They don't need an artist or stylist asking for autographs or inviting themselves to the after party. Drive. If you don't have the drive to educate yourself and learn new techniques, technology, and trends, then you won't be able to keep up with up and coming artists and stylists.

Beauty Schooled: What would you say are some of the greatest misconceptions about the industry?

Sandy James: I think the biggest misconception is that it's all glamour. You go in, pop some color on some lips, tease some hair, or throw and outfit together and you walk out making thousands of dollars. That is not true. It's long hours in places where you may not have proper lighting or set up and have 10 minutes to beat a face that actually needs plastic surgery to make it look good. Artist and stylist that make thousands of dollars a day are rare, but they have put their time, blood, sweat, and tears in the industry and deserve to be there.

Next session: Part II Get the scoop on Sandy’s portfolio building workshop.

Ciao for now… Class dismissed!

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