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I ran across Marcus Miller’s (top left) work some time ago surfing for makeup artists on MySpace. My first impression was like whoa, this guy's blending game is sick! The eyes literally danced off the screen. The vibrant colors, the contouring, and the lashes were all done with the precision of a skilled artisan. It was obvious that Marcus Miller had a gift! However after chatting with Marcus I soon discovered there was much more to be said about him than "celebrity makeup artist". What struck me most about Marcus is that he’s such a sweetheart, and incredibly humble to boot. This past Mother’s Day weekend Marcus was doing free makeup for moms “just because”, how many celebrity makeup artist do you know that would take the time to do that?

I had the chance to chat with Marcus Miller to find out what inspires him, what he says are people’s biggest misconceptions about celebrity artists, and what he thinks it takes to make it in the industry as well as how you can hook up with him for some one-on-one makeup artistry education.

How long have you been in the industry?

MARCUS MILLER: Since 2001.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! When did you know you wanted to be a makeup artist?

MARCUS MILLER: When I met Tyler Perry on his first play (Beauty Shop). A friend of mine was in the play and we met them at their hotel in Maryland. The makeup artist was there and when I saw all of her tools I thought, I love makeup and I want to do the same things that this artist does.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! Your blending game is insane! Did you receive any formal makeup education?

MARCUS MILLER: I practiced, practiced practiced on any and everyone, my friends, family members and at times even myself. Practicing is important.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! When was your first big break?

MARCUS MILLER: My first big break came in 2001 when I ran into a member of Sisqo's (Dru Hil) group Loveher at a radio event in Baltimore. Three months later I received a call, they wanted me to be their makeup artist.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What inspires your makeup?

MARCUS MILLER: Wow, a lot really! My grandmom was really into makeup and I was so intrigued by the total transformation process, but also I love art and things as simple as leaves growing on trees and the changing of seasons.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What would you say are the biggest misconceptions about celebrity makeup artists?

MARCUS MILLER: That we’re stuck up or not willing to help other artists.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What advice do you have for someone new who is trying to break into the industry and wanting to work with celebrities?

MARCUS MILLER: Most importantly, be humble. Allow your work to sell you. Stay in prayer and seek God for guidance. Network everywhere you go!

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! Once last question before we wrap up. Do you provide lessons to artists?

MARCUS MILLER: Yes, I do. They can contact me by email, for more information.

Visit Marcus' website for contact info and to see more of his work. You can also follow Mr. Miller on Twitter.

Photos: Marcus Miller

Ciao for now... Class is dismissed!

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