Practice Practice Practice

I surf the web on a regular for new and different things for my kit or supplies and equipment that others may find of interest to post on the blog. Recently, I found these interesting practice palettes.

There’s one for lips and eyes and then another to practice eyebrow tweezing! When I was in makeup artistry school at Columbia my aesthetics instructor gave me a makeup mannequin to practice with. HATED it! However it did come in handy when I started practicing performing lash extension services. I would glue a sparse strip lash to the mannequin then fill it with the lash extensions. I did that for months before I performed the service on my clients. As any technician would tell you the key to becoming successful at your artistry is practice practice practice. A common complaint I hear from students is that it is often difficult to find a model to practice new techniques. I'm hoping that I've found something that will help.

I purchased all three of the palettes pictured here, doesn't the brow one look kind of creepy? I'm dying to see how that one works, you're supposed to be able to practice brow tweezing with it. Once they arrive I’ll check them out and update this post to let you know if they get the Beauty Schooled! stamp of approval.

Ciao for now... Class is dismissed!

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Anonymous said...

hi there, i was wondering where you purchased the mannequin palettes? it doesn't say in your post. Thanks and God Bless

Beauty Schooled said...

Hi There!

Sorry for the late reply. Here's the link.