Your SHORTCUT To Becoming a Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist **Updated**

Celebrity hairstylist Diana Schmidtke (pronounced Schmidt-Key), has released SHORTCUTS a guide to breaking into the world of hairstyling and makeup artistry. Diana is a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist specializing in men’s grooming, and the book is a first hand account of her experience as a working hair and makeup artist. Diana openly shares her story with the readers including how she received her first big break and how she continues to build a reputation as one of the industry’s best. Along with her step-by-step account on breaking into the industry (education, testing, portfolio building, agency and unions) the book is sprinkled with personal accounts of Diana's experience in the industry, her passion for the craft and her experiences working with media figures. I personally love the way her celebrity mentions are relevant to the story she is telling and not just random episodes of name dropping.

In addition the book answers questions like the difference between union and non-union work, there is a sort of “pop quiz” to assist you in determining if your passion lies more in the fashion and music or television and film. The field of Special FX artistry is also covered in a fair amount of detail as well, as a lot of books tend to ignore this very lucrative segment of the industry.

If you are even the slightest bit uncertain as to whether a career in hair and makeup is for you, or if you are unsure if you would be more happy working in music and fashion or television and film, you will definitely find SHORTCUTS interesting, informative and inspiring.

I definitely have a feeling that this book will find its place in history right along side Crystal Wright’s book. Nice work coming from a fellow Chicagoan!

Preview the book!

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So, I promised I would update this post once I actually finished reading Shortcuts. I have to tell you I was not disappointed. Diana really gave a step by step account of what it really takes to break into the industry and become a Hairstylist and or Makeup Artist in Fashion and Entertainment. She covers everything from your educational requirements to how to get assisting jobs, how to test and prepare for a photo shoot in order to get photos for your portfolio. There is even a section on how to choose the right photos from your photo shoots. She discusses the importance of having a ‘real’ model and a great team (stylist and photographer). Other important areas she covers are your website, comp card, resumes, reels, unions, agencies and most importantly getting your money after a job. By her every account, you know that this is not an easy business to break into, it is not for the slacker or thin-skinned. Those who are serious about breaking into the industry will take this book to heart and use it to prepare themselves. Those that were expecting a quick ride to the top complete with only glitz and glamor will find themselves thinking twice.

I love that she gives the readers real life examples of situations that she’s found herself in and how she over came those challenges. In addition there’s a detailed list of kit essentials, and sample of all the forms that you should have, a thorough glossary and listing of agencies from east to west. The sixty bucks the book costs is a small price to pay for all the of information in this book, I trust that you’ll find invaluable.

Ciao for now… once again, Class is dismissed!

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