Dream Girl - Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler

It seems as though I start every Image Maker introduction with… I met the most amazingly talented, kind and humble Makeup Artist, Hair or Fashion Stylist on Twitter, well that’s because it’s true! Likewise... Ms. Tia Dantzler is no exception doling out daily doses of “Tia’s Tips” to her adoring fans and aspiring artists. Though I’m very familiar with Tia’s work -- (Think Jennifer Hudson more specifically her most recent cover of the June Essence) I was surprised that she also attended my makeup alma mater Columbia College in Chicago. I won’t give away too much keep reading to find out what Ms. Dantzler had to share with us on her steadily rising career as well as some great tips to launch your career as a makeup artist.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! How long have you been in the industry?

Tia Dantzler: I’ve been working as a Makeup Artist since 2002.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! When did you know you wanted to become a makeup artist?

Tia Dantzler: I always had a love for makeup however; it wasn’t until after doing makeup for a Bride, did I have the feeling that it just “felt right”.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! Did you receive any formal education prior to launching your career?

Tia Dantzler: Yes, I enrolled in the Makeup Artistry Program at Columbia College, in which I participated in five required courses for the program.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What would you say are the biggest misconceptions about the industry and makeup artists specifically?

Tia Dantzler: One of the biggest misconceptions that I’ve observed is how easy and glamorous the road might look launching into the industry. This is a very competitive industry and rejection is a reality, I had to develop a thick skin quickly. I had to master my people skills because working in this industry requires you to interact with a lot of different people and personalities. It’s through trial and error that I’ve evolved into the makeup artist that I am.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What was your first big break?

Tia Dantzler: My first big break was when I got the telephone call to fill in for another makeup artist for Sen. Jesse Jackson.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What’s a typical working day like for you, if there is such thing as typical for you?

Tia Dantzler: A normal working day could be working with a Top Noted Fashion Photographer on a photoshoot then heading to an Award Show to complete the day.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! It seems that every up and coming makeup and hairstylists wants to work with celebrities. What advice do you have for someone new who is trying to break into the industry and wanting to work with celebrities?

Tia Dantzler: My advice for aspiring makeup artist would be to volunteer with photographers to work on your portfolio. Say “yes” to as much work as you can! View every assignment as an opportunity for growth. Lastly, first impressions are important because you will not only be remembered for your makeup skills but also how easy you were to work with.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! Do you hire assistants, or mentor young artists or provide any workshops or training?

Tia Dantzler: Yes, I have hired assistants depending on the makeup needs, and I am always on the lookout for great assistants. My makeup workshop is in the beginning stages however, I’m hoping this fall I can get started.

Click here to contact Tia regarding her upcoming workshops and possibly assisting her on her next big shoot.

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BVB said...

Great interview!

Erica Watson said...

Hey! I just found you by way of your blog!

I am from CHicago....and I got my BA and MA from Columbia college..and I live in NYC let's stay in touch.....

Erica Watson said...

love your blog! Columbia College in the house!

Jacqueline said...

Fantastic Interview Ms. B! I’ve been following Ms. Tia Dantzler via Twitter and have been enjoying the beauty tips. As a part-time freelance Makeup Artist myself (with no formal training - Bobbi Brown & Clinique) and a former Columbia College student (my son's now in his 3rd year there), I’ve become somewhat reluctant in pursuing this dream on a more full-time basis because I'm over 40. However, my passion for making women see the beauty already within them remains Priceless! I applaud you Ms. Dantzler for sharing your passion and being honest about making it as a professional Artist. Don't be surprised if I show up at one of your upcoming training sessions. God Bless! ~ @MimiNow

Beauty Schooled said...

Thank you everyone for reading... and remember it is NEVER too late to follow your dreams.