The Transformer - Michelle Shakeshaft

This week's Image Maker Michelle Shakeshaft has been painting faces since the age of 4! (Seriously she has, well sort of... lol) I was bowled over by her talent; her makeup application is flawless and absolutely stunning!

Michelle's Makeup Mantra is: "Cosmetics give you the ability to transform and express yourself every day. Did you wake up feeling a bit rebellious or are you feeling more soft and demure? Be that person for today. You can change it tomorrow, or this afternoon!" Keep reading to find out what Michelle believes it takes to make it as a makeup artist in the fashion industry, I'm certain you'll enjoy her candor just as much as I did. I love her passion and as always I left the punctuations and caps so you could feel it too!

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! How long have you been in the industry?

Michelle: 6 years

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! When did you know you wanted to be a makeup artist?

Michelle: I LOVED makeup since I was four years old (I even have a picture of me putting lipstick on my 2 year old sister). I was always experimenting with looks on myself and my friends. I decided to make it a career six years ago because I was not passionate about the career I was in. Best decision and career change EVER!

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What inspires your work?

Michelle: EVERYTHING!!! Watching other artists, artwork, looks people wear everyday (good or bad), nature…..I was once driving during the fall season and was blown away by the different colors of the leaves and used those colors for a look……awesome! Even is another artist creates a look I’m not particularly fond of, something about it inspires me.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What would you say are the biggest misconceptions about the industry and makeup artists especially those that work in music and fashion like yourself?

Michelle: That everyone is unapproachable and conceited. Granted, you have those lovely rays of sunshine, but I have found most people in this industry to be warm, fun and full of amazing energy.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What other types of services do you provide?

Michelle: I can do light hair and styling.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! What advice do you have for someone new who is trying to break into the industry and wanting to work with celebrities?

Michelle: KEEP AT IT!!!!! There are tons of talented people in this industry….surround yourself with them and learn from them! TEST TEST TEST……them more shoots you do and faces you touch, the better you become. Also, be open to constructive criticism (or just criticism)… will help you grown as an artist. If we don’t want to become better….we will be stagnant.

As far as celebrities… best advice is BE YOURSELF! Don’t walk in acting star struck. I’ve seen that and it makes the situation uncomfortable.

BEAUTY SCHOOLED! I read that you provide training, what type of training do you provide?

Michelle: I help train with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. I assist the Education Executive in our basic and advance schools. I am also teaching a class on HD Makeup to a group of women in the Media.

Click here for more information on Michelle.

Ciao for now… Class is dismissed!

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