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Since launching this blog I've received numerous email from vendors requesting I "review" their products. Product reviews are good, but because Beauty Schooled! is geared towards the professional and is education centric I’ve been reluctant to post product reviews that have no real educational backing.

Despite that I have also received dozens of email from new stylists across the country who specialize in ethnic hair care and work in salons as a “booth” renter (independent contractor) looking far a beauty brand that provides educational support. For those that aren't familiar with this set-up... In this situation the stylist pays the salon owner each month or week depending on the arrangement for a "chair" or space to work. The stylist is not considered an employee of the salon and is responsible for all of their own supplies, equipment, product and advanced education. There is rarely any salon mandated educational training outside of possibly salon safety procedures.

Many product companies require a huge opening order fee, something that the average new stylist cannot afford. As a result, the stylist is left to purchase product from their local beauty supply, trade shows or vendors that rep a hodgepodge of lines with no real educational protocol to help the stylist grow their businesses. Not only does it dilute the stylist's brand but it makes it difficult for them to build a loyal following and compete with their industry peers that work in salons that carry products with strong consumer recognition backed by a solid educational program.

Design Essentials from The McBride Research Laboratories is a company that provides a complete professional product line supported by a sound educational program for the stylists that use their products.

Design Essential's Education Team stretches across the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean islands with it's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and has 30 years of combined Professional Salon Industry experience. All members of their Education Team have a current cosmetology license and have participated in the McBride Research Laboratories intensive annual training, so you're dealing with a team of hair professionals who know product and hair, not a fleet of sales people.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Rebecca Mariolis the Director of Education for Design Essentials. I really enjoyed our conversation. Do you know that feeling you get when you’re speaking to someone that really loves what they do? That’s how I felt when speaking to Rebecca, her passion for industry and education was so obvious that it filtered through the telephone! What better person to head the education helm?

Over at Design Essentials each of them have a mantra if you will -- that they call “Strand of Success” Ms. Mariolis’ is… Each of us has been blessed with talent. People saw potential in me – even when I couldn’t see it – and gave me opportunities. It was key that we share what’s been given to us. That right there embodies everything that Beauty Schooled! is about so I was smitten with this company from the start.

The various Design Essential lines within the brand embody everything that a stylist needs to remain competitive in the industry. Products include both back bar (relaxer and color treatments, styling aids, tools and equipment) and retail for your client’s at home care.

As a Design Essential stockist in addition to the yearly educational training conference your local distributor will hold various educational workshops through out the year and are available to meet with you one-on-one to address your needs.

Take your business to the next level by investing in a product line that fosters education for its stylists as a foundation for your growth.

For more information on Design Essentials or to find a distributor in your area call Toll Free: 800.535.8683 or visit their website.

I will continue to post more brands as I discover them...

Ciao for now... Class is dismissed!

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