Brows 101 - Eyebrow Shaping Workshop with Elke Von Freudenberg

Celebrity Eyebrow Groomer Elke Von Freudenberg is a rock star eyebrow stylist after my own heart, her talent is unquestionable and though I’ve never met Elke personally I have seen some of her work first hand. In addition to being ┼▒ber talented I understand that she's down to earth and very friendly. Everybody loves Elke!

Elke’s eyebrow grooming skills are akin to true artistry. Instead of relying on brow stencils, she uses her subject's features -- including facial and eye shape to determine the best brow style for them. Lucky for you Elke is ready to spill all of her eyebrow taming secretes in an amazing three hour workshop! This seminar is perfect for the Makeup artist, Aesthetician or student looking to perfect their eyebrow shaping and grooming skills.Elke will be hosting her three hour Model Brow™ Seminar in New York during the month of July. This information packed workshop will cover Elke's fail proof techniques used to create The Model Brow™ including:

*How to Predict Brow Trends
*Brow Analysis System Design & Shaping
*The No-Stencil Approach
*Different Brow Makeup Applications
*…and much more!

Register by June 24th and $30.00 of your class fee will go towards Pro Artist purchase of The Model Brow™ Collection. The seminar is bound to fill up quickly so don’t delay! Click here for additional information or to register today.

Janet Rufin's Parlor
25 W. 19th Street
New York, NY 10011
13th Jul, 2009, from 05:00 PM

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